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  • Please arrive ~10 min early so you can meet with your coach and they can help you get signed in for class and properly prepare you for the workout of the day.
  • Your coach will help you get started in class and make sure you are doing what’s right for your goals & ability.
  • Be sure to dress in comfortable and non-restrictive workout clothes.
    (Shorts, tee/tank and sneaks, dress in layers in colder months)
  • Eat a healthy snack 30-60mins before class… (i.e. banana and 1 TBSP PNB)
  • We have water & pre/post workout drinks for sale in the lobby or feel free to bring your own also.
  • Please read our Medical/Liability Waiver and complete the short form below.
  • Once completed you will receive and email confirmation to the address you provide in the form.

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