Daily Dose: Thursday 2/18/10

Today’s FitCamp:
“Have a Complex” –  Bootcamp style workout where you will complete 3-4 exercises done back-to-back isolating a specific muscle group.
Complex 1:  Leg crankers
Complex 2:  Shoulders
Complex 3:  Triple Threat
Complex 4:  Back
Complex 5:  AB 40
Complex 6:  LB 40

FitCamp News!

  • Our new FitCamp for Kids program starts on Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants and one class already has 8 signed up. Get all the details and more by taking a look at the FitCamp for Kids Program Flyer.
  • ProGrade Protein President’s Day Sale!  This week only save $15 off ProGrade Protein when you order through our on-line store.  Learn more at https://ufc.getprograde.com/protein-recipe-1.html