Every Second Counts

Saturday night we had our first ever FitCamp Social/Movie night.  Many thanks if you made it, we always love sharing new experiences with everyone at the studio.  If you didn’t get a chance to drop in for the show here is a quick trailer of the movie we watched.  (Be careful if your kids or boss are around). 
(After the movie we did 3 rounds of Fran, 6 round of Cindy and 9 one-arm deadlifts with 450lbs)

Also, before the show a bunch of us ran the Fitchburg Police Association Community 5k road race.  The race director and volunteers did a great job with traffic and the post race get together was a blast hanging out with fellow FitCampers and meeting new people.  We’re definitely going to add that one to our annual race calendar for next year.
A big Congratulations is in order for the following FitCamp members who did the race on Saturday representing the studio:  (in no particular order)
Milly B., Gary O., Kris G. Kathy H., Mike D., David D., Nick, Jayne M., Erica G., Andy C., Glenn C., Angela L., Emma L. and yours truly.
*A special congrats to Milly who is already a FitCamp addict running her first ever 5k after joining FitCamp just a few weeks.

Lights, Camera, Action!