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Massage Therapy

Do you need massage therapy? Read these 5 benefits from Massage Therapy and decide for yourself…

There are a variety of reasons for pain.  Some people experience pain from sports injuries, illnesses, or even sitting and standing for too long at work.  Massage treats the pain without having to use drugs or any invasive procedures.
Many everyday injuries such as pulled muscles are a result of poor flexibility.  Massage therapy can result in major improvements to both posture and flexibility.  The working of the muscles helps to relieve stored tension which allows for greater joint flexibility and range of motion.
Massage can help in removing toxins in the blood and encouraging fresh energy to circulate easily.  Efficient circulation helps with muscle recovery, growth, and promotes the natural healing process.
If you are a living and breathing human, then it is inevitable that you experience stress. Massage therapy not only relaxes the muscles and mind, but it actually increases the body’s release of endorphins, which enhance your mood.

Many of us go through daily life somewhat disconnected from our body. A dull ache in a joint, throbbing between the shoulder blades, or a tension headache and we pop an ibuprofen before considering the cause.  Massage provides the perfect opportunity to listen to the messages our body is sending us.  Once we have slowed down and are tuned in, we can take the steps needed to heal.

About Meg

meg-oMeg Onega and her husband, Ben, were introduced to the Crossfit community in 2010. They love the way Crossfit challenges their aerobic stamina, gymnastic coordination and muscular structure. Meg also understands that when we demand a lot from our body, we have to give back to our body. One way to do that is through massage.

Meg graduated in 2003 from Acusage Academy in Oxford, Mass., and has worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist since then. Her experience includes work at a health care facility integrating acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care, and operating her own massage practice on Martha’s Vineyard.  She has been the post-race on-site massage therapist at marathons as well as at the Crossfit Regionals in May 2013.

Throughout her career, Meg has come to appreciate the power of massage for injury prevention, not just treatment. She specializes in deep tissue work, but consults with clients as individuals, assessing their needs to ensure that the most effective techniques are applied. Meg wants her clients to think of massage as it truly is: not luxury, but therapy.

Client Testimonials

“One of the services I’ve come to depend on lately is massage therapy provided by Meg Onega. Foam rollers and lacrosse balls work great but are no comparison to a session with Meg. I didn’t know what to expect and was reluctant about booking my first appointment. Now, I don’t hesitate to contact her. I highly recommend Meg and believe the service she provides is a great complement to CrossFit training and has improved my overall health.”

Dave H., Age 54

“I have an extremely tight posterior chain as well as tight hips. This leads to poor flexibility and difficulty with squatting, both with weight and without. Meg has worked with me on a number of occasions to help loosen my hips, lower back and hamstrings. I feel like a million bucks every time I leave. My range of motion and overall flexibility increases with every appointment. Meg is amazing at what she does and knows just what to do to treat any area.”

Stacy S., Age 29

“While training for the Boston marathon I started to have IT Band issues which causes for a very painful run. I made an appointment with meg for a therapeutic massage!! Next training run I went on it was pain free!! Through out the rest my training I would keep visiting her for maintenance massages. I finished the marathon pain free because of Meg’s massages !! I feel training hard and massages go hand and hand! I highly recommend her!!”

Lorie L., Age 39.75


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