Member Highlight- Dan Grammel

Q) Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A) I recently turned 60 years old. I have completed 20 marathons, 2 triathlons, played 6 years in an over 30 baseball league, played 25 years in the Fitchburg Mens Basketball League ( 2 titles won), coached 16 years at St. Bernard’s Elementary School boys 7/8 grade basketball team.

Q) What did you do before you joined EXP?

A) I was working out in the AM and the afternoon. A lot of cardio with some strength training, on my own.

Q) What was your first class like?

A) It was tiring. I started in the 6 week class.

Q) Why did you ultimately end up joining EXP?

A) I went through the 6 week class and felt confident I could handle the regular classes.

Q) How would you describe EXP workouts to someone else?

A) It is a workout class that varies from day to day, with motivation to compete. If you workout on your own, you will not put the effort in. 

Q) What do you think about your EXP coaches?

A) The coaches are very good. They will motivate you to put your maximum effort in, however, if you have an injury they will set up an alternate workout. They also keep an upbeat atmosphere, and are there to answer questions and motivate you during the workout.

Q)What has been your most memorable experience since you joined?

A) Completing each workout. Every workout is difficult for me, so the next memorable moment will be tomorrow morning at 6:15. I never look at the WOD the night before because I will be thinking it about it at night.

8) What is one accomplishment you are most proud of since you joined?

A) I completed my first individual competition in November.

 Q) How has your life changed since you became an EXP member?

A) I have lost 13 pounds and have maintained that weight. Other things my doctor looks at is looking good. He told me whatever your doing keep doing it.

Q) What would you say to someone else thinking of coming in to try a free class or New Member Trial?

A) All the above things, along with giving  it a legitimate shot. Don’t go to 1 class and stop. You need to try it for at least 3 months.