Member Highlight- Tammy Fortune

Q: What brought you in to CrossFit EXP?

Since leaving college, I have tried to find a workout routine that works for me. I was looking for a lifestyle change; one that I would maintain for years to come and that wasn’t a quick fix to feeling healthy. I also knew that I did best when I worked out with a community. Mainly, I was looking for a community to help keep me motivated and wanting to come to class everyday.

Q: What was your first impression of CrossFit EXP?

Honestly, my first impression was how supportive everyone was. People were cheering me on and helping me learn the lingo and moves. I played Division I in college and it reminded me of the team atmosphere that I had back then.

Q: Why did you or what made you stay at CF EXP?

For me the community played a huge factor in me joining the gym but also the coaches. I feel like I am getting private coaching even within a class of 15+ people. Every coach I’ve worked with knows me and knows when and how to push me and help me improve.

Q: What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of during your time at CF EXP?

I’m proud of being able to do one strict pull up!

Q: What will you do next? 

I’m excited to continue with CF EXP. Joining the gym was all about a lifestyle change. I’m not looking to compete in CrossFit or even be the strongest in the room. I want to feel healthy and strong and keep my body working! CF EXP has helped me do that!

Q: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting CrossFit? 

If you’re interested in trying CrossFit and am feeling intimidated, come try a class. You’ll see what CF EXP’s community is all about. The coaches help you scale the workouts to fit your fitness needs and the other members are amazing but I might be a little biased at this point!