Monday 09.24.2018

Congrats to our very own Brenda who competed in Games of the Ages and crushed it!
STRENGTH: DL at 105-110% of 5rm

WOD (A piece of cake):
10 DB Hang Squat Clean
10 Burpees
x 10min AMRAP
L1- 50/35
L2- 30/20
L3- 15/10, 5 burpees
Super Food September: Brussel Sprouts
Low intakes of vitamin K have been associated with a higher risk of bone fracture. Adequate vitamin K consumption improves bone health by improving calcium absorption and reducing the removal of calcium in the urine. Three-fourths of a cup of Brussels sprouts meets the daily vitamin K requirement. They are also a great source of calcium. Calcium is essential to bone strength and growth.