Nick’s Coaching Corner – Let’s Run!

Hello all,
Just a heads up that this Sunday, October 24th at 12:30 there is a 5k Road Race (3.1 miles) at Lunenburg Elementary School ( 
There are a bunch of us from the studio running so if you can make it be sure to show up about 30mins early so we can all meet up before the race.  The more the merrier so bring friends and family (and make sure to wear your FitCamp gear so we can get a photo and represent!)
This is a great way to start/ and or set a goal for the fall, to get you out there and to start running. I find that once you register for a race, actually sign up for it ahead of time, it is like signing a contract with your workouts up to that date, ensuring you are going to get the work done. Let me tell you from experience, it works, I don’t skip workouts, and the anticipation is half the fun! It is a great tool for getting yourself in shape, instead of chasing that floating goal of getting fit, you have signed up for something that will ensure it happens! If you don’t know what race to do, or where to start, come talk to all your leaders at the FitCamp studio, we will point you in the right direction!
Send me an email if you plan on coming Sunday, and for those who already said they were coming, see you there. For those who don’t know if you “can do a 5k”… trust me when I say that any day at FitCamp is WAY more painful, so just get out there and let’s run together!
See you at the starting line!

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