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Dana Movsessian

CrossFit Coach

Dana Movsessian

CrossFit Coach
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Getting to Know Coach Dana…

Tell us about your athletic background?

Growing up I had NO athletic background. I was a genuine diehard coach potato. As a young teen, I was never overweight but being a “thicker” girl, I interpreted that as being overweight. From a young
age, I developed an unhealthy bond with food. Food was my comfort and as I got older life got crazy;
marriage, kids and the weight started to increase. After having my forth son, I decided to walk the
weight off. Walking turned into running, and then I hit a plateau of exercise boredom. I read about
CrossFit, and then tried my first class and I was hooked.

How did you become involved with CrossFit EXP?

It wasn’t until I came to CF EXP where I finally discovered my hidden athlete inside. On my first visit
to EXP I knew this was HOME, Coach Nick took the time to get to know me personally and athletically
and helped me to develop that inner beast. From watching and training with other strong woman at
EXP I was able to finally see my body not big and thick, but strong and beautiful!

What is it that you enjoy as a coach?

Just as the coaches at EXP helped me see what was truly inside me, physically and mental, I too want to help others find that in themselves. I am a goal driven Coach and athlete, and believe that if you don’t
set goals (big and small) then you make no progress in and out of the gym. Whether it is the
competitive athlete setting goals for their next comp or the triathlete who wants to better their time, or
the member who wants to drop weight; I want to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

In less than 100 Words Tell Us More About Coach Dana…

Not only am I a coach and athlete but I have been married to my husband Jason for 20+ years. We are
currently raising 4 amazing young men and have 1 dog and 2 cats at home. I love Donuts, Coffee and
Peanut butter!!!! I use an unhealthy amount of chalk in my workouts, and love to work out to music
really loud! I love burpees, thrusters and long slow runs (slow like turtles running through molasses). I
love to meal prep on the weekends while jamming out to any 90’s music!

What are some of your Lifetime Achievements & Certifications?

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics
CPR/AED Certified

Competitive Achievements:
Ranked #1 in New England Masters 63kg 40-44
2016 RWL Ginny Weightlifting Meet Masters 63KG (placed #1)
2017 Baystate Games Weightlifting Meet Masters 63kg (Placed #1 and #1 overall in 63kg)
2017 North East Master’s Classic (40-44) (Placed #1)
2017 RWL Ginny Weightlifting Meet Masters 63kg (Placed #2)

Personal Records:
Squat Clean: 212.5
Snatch: 155
OHS: 185
Front Squat: 232.5
Grace: 2:29
5k: 23:36