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Peter Mason

CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer

Peter Mason

CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer


Peter played just about every sport growing up. Things always seemed to come pretty naturally with very little effort. Peter focused on soccer in High School. His soccer coach/health teacher at the time, now friend Matt, introduced him to CrossFit his senior year of high school. They would gather in the school gym before school and did makeshift CrossFit workouts. After that his interest in team sports decreased and CrossFit took center stage as his ‘sport’ of choice. He eventually took the plunge and at 17 years old joined EXP as his first CrossFit gym, the rest is history!

As an athlete, Peter bases his success day to day. He asks himself “Did I do my best in the gym TODAY. Regardless of the numbers I hit, scores I get, times I finish in, did I do my best in each workout each day.” The culmination of weeks, months and years trying to focus on making every day your best, can yield some pretty amazing results.

Peter’s moto is to maximize your time in and out of the gym, whether its warming up, squatting, running, stretching, or making dinner, do it all with a purpose! He enjoys spending time outside of the gym with his wife Jess and dog Omelet!

“I find great pleasure in seeing people do things they thought they couldn’t or shouldn’t do. Being a CrossFit coach I get to see this multiple times a day every day. People defy the norm within our four walls and I get to play a small part in that. It never gets old. Success is all relative. For some people, getting actually inside the gym is a huge success, and for others picking 400lbs up of the ground is a success. I’m lucky that I get to know so many people and I get to learn about what makes them tick. A class with 10 people can have 10 different success stories, and I love to celebrate them all!

Lifetime Achievements & Certifications:

Bachelor of Science – Political Science
Gordon College- Class of 2017

Certified Fitness Professional
Over 4000+ Coaching Hours

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
CrossFit Adaptive Certification
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Competitive Achievements:
2021 Open – 78th Worldwide
2020 Open – 133rd Worldwide
2019 Open – 145th Worldwide
2018 Open – 446th Worldwide
2017 Open – 1,728th Worldwide

Lifetime Personal Records:
Fran – 2:21
Clean & Jerk – 305lbs
Snatch – 245lbs

Personal Portfolio: