Sunday 09.23.2018

Come on in and make up a workout from the past week or work on a goat.
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Superfood September: Collard greens
The vitamin K in collard greens is beneficial for bone health. MNT reported that the nutrients modify bone matrix proteins that improve calcium absorption and potentially retention. Just one cup of boiled collard greens can provide enough vitamin K to surpass the daily recommended level.
The choline found in collard greens can help improve learning, memory, muscle movement and sleep. It can also affect inflammation, fat absorption and depression. Because of the high fiber and water content, collard greens are good for the digestive track as well.
Vitamins A and C in collard greens are beneficial for hair and skin development. One cup of boiled collard greens supplies about half of the daily recommendations for vitamin C. The vegetable also contains iron, which may prevent hair loss caused by anemia.