Sunday 09.30.2018

WOD: [ Internal Comp ]
There will be NO open gym as we have our internal comp.  Come on down and cheer on your fellow EXP members as they compete and some fun filled workouts.
For those competing in the Internal Comp please see the schedule below:

  • Please plan to arrive for athlete check-in between 7:15-7:30AM
  • Athlete meeting promptly at 7:30AM- WOD 1 to kick off following meeting!
  • We will wrap up the day by noon.

Superfood September: Bone Broth
Bone broth has a rich history of being used as a digestive tonic, especially in traditional Chinese medicine some 2,500 years ago. Today, it’s one of the top recommended foods for improving symptoms of chronic digestive conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, and colitis.
The reason for why bone broth is so healing for the gut goes back to collagen, which forms gelatin when it’s cooked down even further. Collagen and gelatin are not only rich in amino acids that reduce inflammation in the GI tract — such as glutamine — they also have the unique ability to “seal and heal” holes in the gut lining, which can cause a condition called leaky gut syndrome.