Sunday 7.14.13

No weekend classes, come on down to cheer on the athletes competing in the CrossFit EXP Summer Smackdown!

 Up to date Scoring & Heat Assignments can be found on the links below all weekend!



Coach Olivia’s Coach to 5K Program starts Monday 7/15- SIGN UP HERE! 

Team Events:
WOD 1:
“Evans Relay”
300m Row, 300m Run.
Relay format. Each athlete goes through once. Team chooses the order. (14 min cap)
Each is to be completed as a 5 min AMRAP , 2 min transition between each. 1 person works at a time. Score= total reps at end of 20 minutes.
Rope Climb
25′ Prowler Push (230/140)
Stone to Shoulder (115/65)
25′ Buddy Carry
WOD 3:
“EXP Team Total”
Part A) 5 min to establish 10RM Front Squat off rack
Part B) Accumulates max burpees in 5 min (one person working at a time).
* This will be scored as 2 workouts. A= Total off all 10RMs, B= Total burpees.
WOD 4:
1 Guy & 1 Girl each work at the same time to complete Grace (30 Clean & Jerks Each: 135/95). Once both genders have completed all 30 reps, they tag off their partners who will then complete Randy (75 Power Snatches Each: 75/55)
Time stops when all reps of Randy have been completed.
Score= Final time.
Top 5 teams will move on to final WOD


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