Tuesday 03.04.2019



STRENGTH: Box Squat across
– 2 way monster walk immediately following each set

-Set up the box so that your thighs are exactly parallel to the floor when at the bottom of the squat, no higher or lower.
-Feet should be wider than shoulder width apart, shins vertical with knees never coming past knots in shoe laces during the entire lift.

WOD: (Shoveling Out)

15 Box Jumps
15 DLs
30 Sit-ups
x 15min AMRAP

L1- 24/20, 225/155, 20 GHDs
L2- 20/14,185/135, Sit-ups
L3- 14/ plate, 115/75, 20 Sit-ups

at the 18min Mark,
1min on/ off of ME Hollow Rocks