Vacation workouts


You may have already experienced that feeling of taking time off from FitCamp and coming back to the studio feeling like you never worked out a day in your life.  
There’s no worse feeling than sucking wind, wishing class was over, only to look at the board and realize you are just finishing the warm-up. 
When only weeks ago you were feeling lean, healthy, athletic and at your fittest.
Nick and I see this alot especially during the summer months when many members go on vacation. 
It pains us to see someone get so far with their health and performance only to be set-back by eating poorly and lying around on the beach for a few weeks.  
To help keep this from happening to you, we just came up with a quick list of workouts to help you stay “FitCamp Fit” this summer.
These workouts are short, high intensity and require NO equipment.  
They are perfect for vacation workouts, at home or even if you are on the fence with trying FitCamp and want to get an idea of what kind of workouts we do. 
You can find the “Vacation Workout” page in the member’s area. 
Enjoy and have a great weekend!