Wednesday 12.11.13

Two exciting announcements today!

1) Coach Nick is starting up an Indoor Cycling Class on Sunday mornings beginning this week!

2) We have chosen a date for our CF EXP Annual Holiday Party!  Saturday January 4th 6-9pm.  This year it will be held at the Wachusett Brewery and will include a group tour!  Please bring an appetizer to share.  Join our FB event page to stay up to date on the details!




Strength: None.

WOD: [ On The Ball ]

In a team of 4 complete as many Wall Balls as possible in 6 Rounds.  1 Person per station, the rower is your timer to switch.

Wall Ball
250m Row

L1: 20/14# to 10'
L2: 20/14# to 9'
L3: 14/10# to 9'

Buy-Out: Mobility

Team Training: Easy Cardio- sweat for 15-20 min.  30 min mobility.  Optional goat Work- ex: muscle-up transitions.  Keep the reps low and the weight light.  This is a day just to practice good muscle memory and groove movement patterns.


Post scores and comments below.

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