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    Your Top 10 Reasons to Come Try CrossFit EXP

    1. Our Workouts are Scalable to All Ages and Abilities

    Our workouts are customized to fit your individual goals and ability. You do not HAVE to be fit to get started, but you do NEED to start in order to get fit.

    2. We Are Welcoming, Friendly and Non-Judgmental

    We always welcome new members with open arms and whether you are just starting out or an active CrossFit competitor we treat all our members equally.

    3. Your Health and Safety Always Comes First

    We are not a typical “hardcore” CrossFit gym only focused on competition and just lifting heavy weights. We always do our absolute best to focus on form and integrity first to keep our members injury free and safe.

    4. Our Coaching Team is Second to None

    When it comes to taking care of your body you want coaches who are certified, knowledgeable and most of all experienced. Our coaching team holds over 35 professional certifications, 6 College level degrees in exercise science, fitness management and advanced sciences, and over 25,000 classes coached.

    5. We Have A Proven Program Model

    After 12+ years in business we’ve come to master the art of balanced, healthy and effective workout programming. We have a multi-layered 6-week model that has been proven to consistently improve overall health, fitness and performance while also minimizing injury. We offer a variety of program levels for beginner, intermediate, advanced, masters and competitor athletes so each member can get the most personalized and effective workout possible in every class.

    6. Kids Love Us! (and Parents too)

    We’re a family friendly facility offering a free kids play area for our members. Kids can play cars, build blocks, write on our chalk wall or play with our train set. If relaxing and some down time is needed we also have a wall mounted TV with free kids NetFlix where they can watch their favorite show or movie while mom and dad get fit.

    7. We Are the Areas Pioneers in Group Training

    We are not just another pop-up CrossFit gym. We started as certified personal trainers with our first group circuit training program launched back in 2003 long before CrossFit started to spread across the country to the East coast.

    8. Our Classes Have No Restrictions

    Each of our 37+ classes per week are open to all members. We don’t believe that as a paying member you should be restricted to what classes you can attend. Simply sign up as a member and go to any class on the schedule.

    9. You Get A Free Class to Try us Out!

    Joining a new gym can be a little scary, especially if you are new to CrossFit. We offer a free class as well as a great new member trial period so you can come in and try us out, get to see how classes are run and meet some of our coaches and members.

    10. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    After your free class you can sign up for our 21-day New Member Trial. When you come to at least 3 classes a week and follow our 21-day Nutrition program and if you don’t feel stronger, healthier and fitter then we’ll give you a full refund with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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