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At CrossFit EXP, we want anyone who steps foot into our facility feel like they’re part of more than just another gym or group fitness class. We want you to know you belong; you are always welcome, never judged and forever an important part of our EXP family… regardless of your exercise background, age, ability level or health, fitness or athletic goals.

Our life-changing workouts and programs are specifically designed to help you achieve long term results and positive changes with your body and health that last a lifetime.

Our knowledgeable and experienced coaches will help motivate, support and guide you during each and every class and ensure you have the best experience possible at EXP so you can reach and then exceed your health and fitness goals.

We truly believe the best gyms are comprised of caring, committed coaches and a supportive community where lifelong habits are developed right along with friendships that last.

Come stop by to say hello, meet our team and take a free class to see for yourself what makes us different and if EXP is the place for you!


It’s a long story but here’s the condensed version…

Starting out in the fitness industry in 2003 as a passionate volunteer at a local globo gym, Owner Patrick advanced his career through early mornings and long days of personal training appointments coupled with late nights of researching, reading and self-study on everything health, fitness and nutrition.

Over the months that followed Patrick started his own Personal Training business and launched two innovative Group Training Programs; “Ultimate FitCamp” and “Outdoor Summer BootCamp” at a local health club and at Doyle Field in Leominster.

In the spring of 2005 Patrick met Coach Nick, who at the time was an Exercise Science student at Fitchburg State College. What started out as a summer internship grew over the years ahead into a long term career in the fitness industry and a friendship that’s endured for over 2 decades.

In 2007 Patrick, with a great deal of help from Coach Nick, opened up “Ultimate FitCamp”, a group circuit training studio in Leominster, MA.

In the early Spring of 2010 Patrick was introduced to CrossFit when he and Nick completed the workout “FRAN” (in a blistering 12 minutes and 48 seconds! Ouch!!) with steel plates and a wall mounted pull-up bar…

After a solid year of research and studying the CrossFit methodology, and a 3rd studio re-location, Patrick and Nick decided to apply for a CrossFit Affiliation in early 2011.

In the Spring of 2011 the Ultimate FitCamp Training Studio officially became “CrossFit EXP”.

In choosing a name, we always took pride in what we did and in our mission to help serve others in the local community. We wanted to make sure everyone who walked through our doors, regardless of background, age, ability of goals were all treated equally, respected and given the same amazing, welcoming and impactful training Experience. And seeing how the name “CrossFit Experience” was already taken we officially became CrossFit EXP!

Over the past 10+ years as a CrossFit facility EXP has grown into the area’s premier, most experienced and longest standing CrossFit training studio helping beginner exercisers to competitive CrossFitters achieve their goals by living a healthy, fit and active lifestyle.

We realize there are lots of options to consider when choosing a gym and a place to call your 2nd home. At the end of the day you should choose what feels the best for you and your goals, family and lifestyle.

Here’s what separates us! —

All Abilities Welcome!
Are you a beginner? Making Your Fitness Comeback? Or A Veteran Gym-Rat? We are a welcoming community open to all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. No judgment here!

Our Coaching Team Rocks!
When it comes to taking care of your body you want coaches who are certified, knowledgeable and most of all experienced. Our coaching team holds over 35+ professional certifications, 6 College level degrees in exercise science, fitness management and advanced sciences, and over 30,000+ classes coached.

A Program That Works!
Lots of gyms really mess this one up and just throw together workouts that don’t produce results or even worse give you overuse injuries. After close to 20 years in fitness we’ve come to master the art of balanced, healthy and effective workout programming to help keep you safe and injury free.

We Are Family Friendly!
We’re a family friendly facility offering a free kids play area for our members. Kids can play cars, build blocks, write on our chalk wall, do homework or color. If relaxing and some down time is needed we also have a wall mounted TV with free kids NetFlix where they can watch their favorite show or movie while mom and dad get their much deserved self care in.

To boot – We also have family memberships saving you up to 20% OFF!

Personal Training:
Looking for more of a 1-on-1 training experience to help fast track your progress, technique and results? Our EXP personal trainers will design a custom fitness program perfect for your health goals, body, ability and lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching:
The importance of learning how to eat healthy for long lasting weight loss, fitness and performance cannot be understated. We offer custom designed nutrition plans as well as weekly or monthly coaching for all our members looking to get that extra edge and create long lasting changes in how they feel, look and live!

Large Facility:
5,000 SF to ensure you have plenty of room to train without feeling overcrowded and uncomfortable.

Fun Events:
We offer social events and gatherings to get to know and hang with your new EXP family outside the gym… because at EXP we really enjoy sharing more time together than just the 1 hour a day working out.

Simple Memberships:
We have easy to understand and straight forward membership options to choose from with discounts available for families, students, first responders, teachers and more… Looking for more ways to save? We also offer pre-paid memberships as low as $6/class if you prefer to make one payment instead of doing one of our monthly autopays.


Meet your EXP Coaches! Our amazing team of coaches bring a wide range of experience to the gym and our community of members. Regardless of what you’re here to achieve, our team is the one that is going to get you there!


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