Daily Dose: Wednesday 1/27/10

A side note on today’s workout:  Due to the all-time low attendance for yesterday’s FRAN workout it seems that the Daily Dose has backfired.  SO, I have decided to take a new approach…


Today’s FitCamp:  “The Terrible 3’s”

WARM-UP:  3 Warm blankets will be used to bring your muscles up to temperature and increase blood flow throughout your entire body.

SKILL:  Today we will be practicing 3 step breathing (inhale, exhale, repeat).  Not too heavy, just relaxed, calm and controlled… breathing.


3 Air Squats, 3 Push-ups, 3 Sit-ups, 3 Pull-ups
3 minute rest
Repeat just one time to prevent sweating

CORE SET:  Inhale, exhale, upon exhale hold abs tight for 3 seconds then relax. 

COOL-DOWN:  We will conclude today’s workout with a 55 minute rest period (nap).

Looking forward to seeing you in class! 🙂


Important Stuff!

LAST CALL for Indoor Rock Climbing this Sunday afternoon.  If hanging from a rope 30 feet off the ground with Nick holding the other end sounds appealing to you then this is your chance.  This Sunday, Indoor Rock Climbing at Central Rock in Worcester. Sunday, January 31st from 3-6pm. Already 20 spots filled up and only a few left. Learn more and reserve your spot by e-mailing [email protected]