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If you are new to EXP then follow these 3 simple steps to get started…

If you are a returning member please contact us to renew your membership.

Step 1: Book a Free Class (optional)

Come try a Free Class and see how we can help you become stronger, fitter and healthier in record breaking time! During your free visit you’ll get a chance to experience a live 60min class workout to get a feel for how we do things at EXP. Come meet some of our coaches, see how we personalize each class to your ability level and decide if EXP feels like a good fit to help you reach and exceed your own personal health and fitness goals.

(Complete the “TRY A FREE CLASS” form on this page and then check your email for a special link to book your free visit during one of our available class times).

Step 2: Select Your Membership

Once you’ve completed your Free Class you’ll have a good idea if EXP is the community and place to help you crush your goals. From there you can sign up for one of our 2, 3 or Unlimited Class membership options.

Or, if you already know you want to join EXP then you can skip the free class and directly join using this link here.

Step 3: Show Up & Start Taking Classes!

Once you complete your registration as a new or returning member you can start taking classes immediately! Simply enter your custom start date during checkout and once you’ve signed up you will receive a “Getting Started” confirmation email.  We’ll also include info on starting our Nutrition Program and every thing you need to know to start getting fit and healthy with us at EXP!

Ready to Get Started?