Daily Dose: What’s Your Excuse?

A few months back a man came into the studio to talk to me about joining FitCamp.  

(To protect the inocent we’ll just call him “Cliff”).  

Cliff had heard about us from a friend and he wanted to stop in and see the studio and “find out what this FitCamp stuff is all about”. 
I gave Cliff a quick tour of the studio and told him about the kinds of workouts and programs we do in FitCamp. 
His response…
“Oh I’m too old for that kind of stuff.” 
Well Cliff, maybe the picture below will help change your mind. 

At 72 years young, Bill is an amazing example for us all to live by. Thank you for being part of the FitCamp community Bill!

Today’s FitCamp!
“Old School” – Every now and then it’s good to go back to some old school FitCamp workouts just to remember how far you’ve come.
One Minute Stations, 12 exercises, 3 rounds through non-stop.

  1. DB Bench Press
  2. DB Row
  3. Lateral Plyo Step
  4. BB Shoulder Press
  5. PB Curl
  6. PB Hypers
  7. BB Curl
  8. Bench Dips
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Hover
  11. Static Wall Squat
  12. REST

P.S.  CAST YOUR VOTE!  Be sure to post a comment casting your vote for your favorite workouts.  The more you vote the more we’ll start incorporating your favorite routines.