Friday 10.3.14

From the members:

"On most days training at CrossfitEXP is the best part of my day. It's that simple! Sure my kids, family and friends are the love of my life and I thank God for them everyday. The difference is that the training at CrossfitEXP is all mine…I own every bit of it. I can't make any excuses about this or that. It's the one thing I can count on every day to deliver the results in almost exact proportion to what I put in.
It's impossible to train at EXP and be a part of that community without getting better everyday at everything that matters in life. YES…I believe that and I try to live it everyday. I used to mostly train alone…besides all the usual benefits of exercise, the group training at EXP adds this really cool dimension. We compete with each other but in a very "we're all in this together" spirit. The energy from that keeps getting stronger every day and I find that spirit provides some real depth in meeting the challenges of life on a daily basis. It's Kicks Butt & I love it. Sometimes I feel it in pushing thru a road block at work or being more patient with my children or getting a great night's sleep. The difference now is that it's more consistent.
I've been around gyms, tracks, lakes, bikes, balls and weights all my life. My Dad tells me this story that the first time I stood up I used a basketball to prop myself up. Hands down I believe CrossFit training has been the most effective program I've ever used. I've been injuring free for 2 years after suffering chronic injures for many years. My strength and flexibility has improved greatly. This things got some serious legs and I plan on riding it for the rest of my ride.
There are many things I like about CrossfitEXP…The thing I like the most is the depth, experience and energy of the team of coaches. I've been training with some of them for 10 plus years. Patrick, Nick and Tiff … to this day still have the same level of energy, commitment and integrity they had many, many years ago. I know every time I look any of them in the eye they want what's best for me. AND they go above and beyond to deliver everyday. In my younger days I loved basketball. People called me a gym rat. It was one place I felt home as a kid. Now feel at home at CrossfitEXP!"

-Tim N



Strict TTB 4 x8
V-Row on Rings
4 x max attempts (goal is to hit 10-12 on first set)
L1-Feet elevated on 20' box
L2-Legs straight
L3 Knees bent

WOD: [ KB Annie ]
KB Swings
Sit-up (anchored feet)

Team Training: 

Strict Pull-up 3RM (weighted)

Post scores in comments below.

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