Friday 11.4.11 – EXP Program Priority Checklist

Yesterday before class Nick did a quick educational piece on the “EXP program priority checklist”. This checklist should be used as a general guide for getting the correct “dosages” of each major lift/movement we do in class. By doing so it will ensure that your fitness levels, PR’s and overall health continues to improve over time and you achieve the level of CrossFit athlete you wish to become. Depending on how many classes you make during the week (we recommend at least 3) or when your rest days fall (we recommend at least 1-2/week of off or easy/mobility days) you may or may not fit perfectly into the general class programming we use (i.e. you may come only 2 days during a week due to XYZ and see Deadlifts and Handstand push-ups both days but no squats or pull-ups for the week).
All of the following exercises should be done at minimum of 1 time per week simply to maintain your fitness. Two times per week you will see progress and for areas that you struggle with (“GOATS”) or are under performing in then up the exposure for that specific exercise to 3 times per week, (keeping in mind that not all 3 days should be max effort days). For more details or questions on this checklist and to understand how to apply it to your week at CrossFit EXP take a moment before or after class to speak with any of your coaches.
1. Squats: Back, Front, Overhead
2. Deadlift/Clean
3. Pull-ups
4. Press/HSPU: Shoulder press/Push-press/Push-Jerk or Handstand Push-up/Push-up
5. Run/Row/JR
6. Core: TTB/K2E/Sit-up/GM’s
7. KBS/BJ/Snatch
8. And always…LOTS of mobility (10-15min daily)

What's your support system look like?


EXP Skill/Strength:
Front Squat 3RM x 5
EXP Workout:
WOD: “BootCamp 101”
Leg Crankers (2min, tempo)
DB Shoulder Complex (2min, tempo)
Ultimate Abs (2min, tempo)
400m Run (2min, solo)
3 Rounds not for time
Post scores and times to comments below.

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