Friday 12.13.13

Two cool events going on tomorrow you may want to check out!

1) Matt, Mike & Dave are heading to Hybrid Athletics to compete in "Team Linda Day." For the event, they will take the average of their combined body weight and complete the following workout.  Each of them will complete 10 reps of the 3 movements and then will move on to 9 reps, etc.


Squat Clean @ 75% of average BW

Bench Press @ 100% of average BW

Deadlift @ 150% of average BW

This event was created as a fundraiser for "F.A.R.E," a non profit that works on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis.  The guys heat will go off at 9:30am.  To find out more about the event including location, visit

Good Luck Guys!!!!

Dave & Matt practicing for "Linda"

2) Come support Crossfit EXP member Doreen "Belle" Manning in the last game of her home team roller derby season this Saturday, December 14th! Her team, the Nutcrackers, hits the track at 5pm at Shirners Auditorium, Wilmington!  Learn more HERE!

Wondering what Derby is all about?  Check out a snapshot below- pretty cool!!



Strength: Hang Power Clean (warm up HSPU between lifts)

WOD: [ Derby ]

30 Hang PC
30 Push Jerk
30 Power Cleans
30 HR Push Ups
30 DLs

L1: HSPU/ (135/95)
L2: Knees/Feet on Box for HSPU/ (115/80)
L3: Strict DB Press/ (75/55)

Buy-Out: Mobility.

Team Training: Start training session w/ 3-5 max sets Muscle-Ups.

Post scores and comments below.