Friday 3.25.11


Today’s Workout:

Strength:  (Building strength: week 5 of 6)
A). Power Clean 5x3RM (
B). Overhead Squat 5x3RM (
A). “Elizabeth”
Power Clean (135/95)
Ring Dip (sub Chest to Floor Push-ups if unable to do ring dip, no bands)
B). Option 2
Overhead Squat (95/65)

Member Feedback! 

“I’ve currently been working out at FitCamp for 5 months now, and to be honest it’s been an awesome experience! I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into with the five week “trial”, but I did it nonetheless! Coming from a big box gym where a normal day is 15 minutes of cardio followed by completely pointless (and non-functional) free weight exercises… this was quite a difference! The first thing that got me was how absolutely upbeat and just happy everyone was. I was immediately indoctrinated into the FitCamp “cult”, being pushed and pushing other members. The community aspect never struck me as something I would enjoy, and now I love it! (6:30pm class is the best 🙂 ). It amazes me how many different personality/professional/ages mesh together here so well. 
 The next aspect that is off the charts is the training… It’s funny how the trainers can say just that one cue that gives you an “ah-hah!” moment, it happens to me weekly, and it never ceases to amaze me. They are knowledgeable in ways different than that of just a hardcore trainer, though. They get to know you on a personal level, learning your tendencies (in my case mostly bad) and tailoring goals to you. Also a huge part is the modifications… You can’t do a specific movement? Well no worries, there are more than enough modifications to get you to that point! I’m a perfect example of this.. 3 weeks ago I had shoulder surgery, and after about 5 days of sitting on the couch I decided to come back to class. Sure enough within no time I was sweating and wishing I was still on the couch ;). I can’t say enough about the trainers… This has been an addicting (in a very good way) experience. I don’t see a future without this being a big part of my life, I live for this!”
Leo Piro

Upcoming Events:

CrossFit Games Open – WOD #2 Announcement – 3/29/11

POSE Running Clinic – 4/2/11 (ONLY 4 Spots Left!)
Discover the proven formula for fast, efficient and effortless running technique used by the most accomplished and successful runners and athletes on the planet.  During this 3 hour clinic you will learn precisely why you’ve been taught to run incorrectly… learn more.
Paleo Challenge Final Weigh-ins – 4/9/11
Saturday morning from 9-noon
FitCamp Spring Party! – 4/30/11
Save this date, more details coming soon.
Paleo Challenge: Day 68

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