Friday 5.8.15

Here’s the details about the awesome new program we mentioned that last week. We plan on kicking this off next Monday May 11th!  Make sure you’re here next week for testing days- you won’t want to miss it!
We will be testing strength movements next week and will continue to build on these over the following 6 weeks with a re-test the final week.
The WODS will be customized each day by levels. Each day, the appropriate levels will be assigned. These levels have been created to continue to challenge you all working on both strengths and weaknesses. Masters- we will also be including a level for you!  Be sure to read the section below on levels.
Cool Down and Mobility:
The coaches are going to structure each class to included a cool down and mobility (let’s face it, most everyone could use more of this and don’t get it in on our own.) It is important that you stay and mobilize with the group. This will help keep everyone healthy and recovering appropriately.
Post-WOD Cardio:
A NEW section to the programming will be post-WOD Cardio. This is being added for 2 reasons:
1) To improve our metcon ability and
2)Get BW down.
AFTER you have cooled down and mobilized, we encourage you to get in the Cardio piece. The goal for each day will be 30 minutes total of cardio. This will include the workout piece, for example: if the WOD is a 15 min AMRAP, the cardio for the day will be 15 minutes. (30 minutes total-15 min AMRAP=15 minutes owed).
LEVELS: Our Levels are designed to provide a general fitness assessment, to helpset appropriate and challenging goals, and to help you focus on weak areas. The result will be mastering movements you couldn’t do before.

Level 3 (L3)– Healthy beginner.  This level is the basic standard for health and fitness. At this level, proper basic movements, such as hip flexion and active shoulder use are developed, while healed injuries and structural problems are resolved. Mastery of all Level 3 movements must be achieved before moving to Level 2.
Level 2 (L2/M)- Intermediate athlete & Master’s RX category. All healthy adults can aspire to this level of fitness. Basic movements are perfected and advanced skills are introduced. Mastery of all Level 2 movements must be achieved before moving to Level 1.
Level 1 (L1/MC)-Advanced athlete, RX, Master’s competitors. Though few people natural possess this level of general fitness to start, any healthy person can achieve it. The strength, work capacity, power and skill required to meet these goals can prepare you to tackle any kind of physical performance with competence and confidence.  This level is also for our Masters athletes actively participating in the sport of CrossFit.
Team Training (TT)- Elite athlete. These athletes are actively participating in the sport of CrossFit. This level of achievement requires long term dedication and a passion for fitness. The skills required of TT are very advanced and represent a highly skilled and well rounded athlete. While few may attain all of the TT skills, you should continually seek improvement and get closer to achieving each one.


STRENGTH: Superset
A) Power Clean 5x3rm
B) 5 x Max L-sit or Chair Sit (30-45sec goal)
WOD: [ Randy ]
75 Power Snatches for time
10 min Cap
Followed by:
75 Hollow Rocks
8min Cap
Post scores in comments below.

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