How I found FitCamp by Gary O.

“How I found Ultimate FitCamp” – By Gary O.,  (FitCamp Member Since… 1204 BC)
“I am now in my late 40’s.  Before FitCamp I was working out at a local gym. I was doing the things everyone else was doing with little results… most days riding the bike and watching T.V.
I had always been an athlete. With raising a family, working and coaching youth athletics my personal fitness took a turn for the worse.
Too boot I had back surgery in my early thirties which limited my running which I truly loved. I stepped on the scale and was astonished at what it showed 224 lbs and my back was killing me. I did all of the physical therapy and medication to alleviate my back pain. It did not work!!
I came to the realizaton that it was do or die time for me.
I joined Ultimate fitcamp and although it was difficult soon realized this was the place for me. I had many days where I could not do what everyone else was doing. I soon began to jog and then to actually run. I was amazed at the encouragement I got from fellow members.
To date I no longer have to take any medication for back pain.  It still acts up at times, but Nick and Pat always find a way to have me stretch which fixes it in a few days.
When you join, check your ego at the door.  We are all there for there same reason.  I have met so many great people since joining. I am so fortunate to have found Ultimate fitcamp. Pat and Nick are true friends who do everything to push you to limits you never thought possible.
The key for success is to make your classes!. Eat as they tell you and enjoy the comradere with your fellow members.  If you have a question, ask it! We are all in it together.
I am happy to say my body weight is under 190 pounds and I can hold my own on most of the exercises.
If you want a program that works Ultimate fitcamp is the answer. Show up, work hard and eat right……………..You WILL achieve fitness.
Gary O.  “the old fast guy”