Member Highlight- Dave Aronson

Dave is a father, husband, successful business owner & in the best shape of his life approaching his 50th Birthday in September!
Q: What brought you in to CrossFit EXP?
I joined 14 years ago when Patrick first started at Doyle Field and it wasn’t even Crossfit, it was Fitcamp. Nick was only 19 and a student at FSU.  Nick and Patrick were the only trainers. Class sizes were a lot smaller and cross training was relatively new.
Q: What was your first impression of CrossFit EXP?
I had a love/hate relationship with EXP early on.  I loved the way it made me feel but I hated the painful workouts.  Over the years I’ve learned to love burpees, snatches, back squats and more.
Q: Why did you or what made you stay at CF EXP?
I’ve always stayed with EXP because of the great coaching and community.  I’m turning 50 in September and never thought that I could feel this good at that age.  I have more energy and muscle tone then I’ve ever had.  Working out, getting stronger and achieving goals with other members on a regular basis creates a family atmosphere.  The coaches all have unique skill sets that allow for sustained development.  Patrick does a great job running a professional box with educated coaches that are always trying to get us to be more functional.
Q: What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of during your time at CF EXP?
One accomplishment that I am proud of is placing 3rd and making the podium with Vikki Forgues at a co-ed competition put on by EXP.  I was able to accomplish movements that I did not know I could do like multiple handstand pushups.  The mutual trust and friendship among people who are all striving for a common goal is a fun thing to be a part of.
Q: What will you do next?
Next on the list of things I need to accomplish at EXP is a bar muscle up.  I know I have the strength, I just have to focus/practice/execute on the movements to get me there.  We have such a generous community at EXP and I know I will get it through their support.
Q: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting CrossFit?
Like anything, Crossfit is an evolution.  My advice to a newcomer would be to build your foundation by learning simple movements and work from there.  Give yourself time to get your mechanics down before jumping into heavy weights.  It’s all in the preparation!