Member Highlight- Hiram Gandia

My story as an athlete is quite a long tale that dates back to my middle school and high school years all the way through college. I was a football and basketball player in high school, and in my first two years of college I walked in as a novice for the division 1 crew team. There came a time in college where due to life circumstances I had to begin to work full-time and therefore could not continue to be the competitive athlete I wanted to be.

However, it was my experience here that allowed me to learn about crossfit from a teammate and friend who happened to also be a crossfit coach. After my rowing career was done I found myself at Crossfit EXP. I have now been in Crossfit for almost two years, and once I graduated from college this past May, I decided to really take this sport more seriously and begin to make some significant changes. 

Despite Covid-19, EXP has been what has kept me motivated and focused. The owner Patrick gave me insight on what I should be doing with my nutrition and the team of coaches have taught me how to properly work on my mobility, while building strength and stamina.

During this quarantine I have been able to drop close to 30lbs, currently at a 27lbs loss, and I have felt stronger and capable of doing far more things than when I was a high school and college athlete. I still have a long way to go to reach my personal goal, however this is a milestone I like to reflect upon because sometimes it is tough to see the end goal. Yet, my team at EXP always picks me up and pushes me towards my end goal. I am truly grateful for the staff and community at EXP, you all have helped change my ways and bring back the athlete.