Member Highlight- Karli Fernandez

Q: What brought you in to CrossFit EXP?
I found Crossfit EXP when I was at the lowest point in my life, stuck in
an abusive relationship and frustrated with emotional eating and cyclical
behaviors. Every year, I’d gain and lose 70lbs. with no real concept/direction of how to long term keep weight off and manage stress in a healthy way.

Q: What was your first impression of CrossFit EXP?
At first, it was intimidating because when I walked in, I was at just about
my heaviest at 303 pounds and I could only do two sit-ups, zero lunges and
zero burpees, but it was an encouraging place where modifications made the work doable.

Q: Why did you or what made you stay at CF EXP?
What made me stay was a desire to finally get it right regarding keeping
weight off and having a coaching staff that were able to make modifications big and small, to accommodate you as you progressed each week. The coaches and members never made you feel bad about what level you were at. They are the most encouraging and inspiring group of people you’ll ever meet. Soon enough you learn, no one else is looking at you as the person that can’t participate or isn’t as strong, that’s merely a negative falsity in your head.

Q: What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of during your time at CF EXP?

One accomplishment I am proud of, other than getting flexibility and
mobility back, is persistence. I have been consistently attending classes for
17 months when usually, I’d join gyms for six months then quit and restart in January. I’m proud I broke that cycle.

Q: What will you do next? 
Funny enough, I’m competing in my first Crossfit competition with
another member in February. Having never, ever been an athlete, this is
surprising for me to do let alone say aloud. Joining CrossFit EXP erased so much negative self talk that people tell me I seem happier and lighter (not just in pounds). You learn to eradicate the word “can’t” and try new things.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting

Just do it. Don ‘t try it, actually commit to it and do it. It’s THE best
decision I could have ever made and helped me get to the place in my life where I finally feel like my true self, happy and driven. CrossFit EXP literally gave my entire life a make over and I couldn’t be happier or more proud to be a part of this team.