Member Highlight- Patience Hurley

Q: What brought you in to CrossFit EXP?
A couple things brought me into EXP, my friend (now husband) had started going to CrossFit in his area and was posting pictures of him lifting crazy weights and it peaked my interest. I knew Meg O did CrossFit and I asked her if I could try a class with her to see what it was all about.
Q: What was your first impression of CrossFit EXP?
My first impression was that everyone was really friendly, which is great when you’re a naturally shy/quiet person like myself. Pat was coaching my class that day and was really helpful with explaining the work out and answering any questions I had along with the others in class that day.
Q: Why did you or what made you stay at CF EXP?
Quite a few things, I was hooked after my first class. I couldn’t breath and the work out was hard but I wanted to come back. I signed up shortly after and started coming regularly. I loved getting stronger and building up my cardiovascular endurance. I did gymnastics when I was younger and it was really exciting for me when there was a gymnastics element in the strength or work out. I had been going to a regular gym, for a while and was seeing no results which was frustrating. CrossFit EXP really pushed me to work harder than I ever did on my own at my globo gym. I would have never been comfortable to pick up a barbell and heavy weights there. I think that’s one reason CrossFit is so great, anyone and everyone can can do it. I liked that I didn’t have to come up with a work out and I was being taught how to move the weights in an efficient but safe way. It was great meeting new people and getting to see them grow as an athlete and crush their goals or get a PR. The coaches at EXP have also helped me see the importance of nutrition, eating to really fuel and help your body. This has been so great with reaching goals and feeling good during my work outs.
Q: What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of during your time at CF EXP?
I’m proud of getting a 200lb back squat. That is a goal I’ve wanted since I started at EXP back in 2014!
Q: What will you do next?
Next I just want to keep throwing around some heavy weights! Some goals I have are to get 215lb back squat, consistent with double unders and a bar muscle up.
Q: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting CrossFit?
Definitely, definitely, definitely try it! There are some stigmas I always here when people who have never tried CrossFit talk about CrossFit, well those aren’t true! Everyone can do CrossFit, even if you may have a limitation of some kind, the coaches are so amazing to modify the work out for you. Everyone here wants you to succeed!