Member Highlight- Rebecca Carr

Get to know Rebecca Carr! You can always count on Rebecca to give 100% and have a smile on her face while she’s at EXP!  She is a working mom who has choose to make her health a priority to be the best person she can be for her family! Part of Rebecca’s amazing story is that she has lost over 30 pounds!  Congrats, we are so proud of you!

What did you do before you joined EXP?

So I just work hard physically at a job that I love. Haven’t worked out in a gym in at least 6 years. 

What was your first class like?

My first class was a challenge, but I knew the hard work would pay off eventually. 

Why did you ultimately end up joining EXP?

To feel better physically and mentally. 

How would you describe EXP workouts to someone else?

They are go at your own pace and your level of fitness.

What do you think about your EXP coaches?

The coaches are amazing. Always checking in making sure you have your plan for the workout. And willing to repeat themselves at times to make sure everyone understands. 

What has been your most memorable experience since you joined?

Participating in the CrossFit OPEN!. So glad coach Pete convinced me to give it a try! 

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of since you joined?

Doubleunders. Never forget the day I got 100 in the open workout. Karen K was with me cheering and so helpful. 

How has your life changed since you became an EXP member?   

I am Stronger and have more energy. My favorite is wearing cloths from the back of the closet that I’ve been saving for the last six years! 

What would you say to someone else thinking of coming in to try a free class or New Member Trial?

Defiantly do it,! Don’t be scared of the workouts, they can be  geared to your level of fitness. Health is wealth!