Monday – 1.24.11 – Fitness Success Principle #1

Today marks 1 week since the beginning of the 12 week Paleo Challenge and I have one simple question for you, how are you doing? Are you feeling healthier, more energized and happier now that you finally have control of your nutrition? Do you feel leaner and are your clothes starting to feel looser with those first 3-5 lbs of extra weight now gone? Is eating Paleo easier than you thought and can you close your eyes and envision how amazing you will look and feel at the end of this 12 weeks? Or maybe this picture perfect start is not exactly the answer you would give to my initial question of how you are doing. 
Sadly, I imagine that only about 1 out of 10 who started this challenge actually fit into the “fairy-tale” beginning described above. This fact is one that has intrigued me for years. Why is it that so many people can have great intentions at making positive changes in their lives but after just a few days they will have lost their way and have forgotten the reasons that drove them to starting such a challenge in the first place.  I believe that the reasons so many people who start challenges, diets and programs do not finish them lie in what I call “Fitness Success Principles”. My hope is that these principles may be a source of motivation for you to guide you through the following 11 weeks and beyond to a healthier, fitter and more successful life.

Fitness Success Principle #1

Do Not Quit!  You started this challenge for a reason or perhaps many reasons. Right now you have to go back to those driving forces that got you started in the first palce and remember them, write them down and read them daily so you don’t quit. In today’s society 99% of people quit WAY too early.  The moment something starts to get hard or they experience the slightest bit of pain or discomfort they quit.  Why do they quit you ask? Because by quitting they will avoid pain and instantly start to feel better at that moment. This is why so few people succeed with diets, losing weight and with sticking to an exercise program. How many times have you tried something like this in the past and ended up with the same result and quitting after a few days or the first week? When will the time be right for you to succeed, not quit and see this thing through to the end finally getting the results you want and deserve? Regardless of where you are in this challenge make a promise to yourself and to everyone reading this right now and DO NOT QUIT!

Today’s Workout:
Back Squat
Thrusters (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20″)
(each set must be continuous jumps with no misses or set does not count and should be repeated).