Monday 3.2.15

Our NEW class time starts THIS WEEK!
Starting MARCH 3RD we will be adding an 8-9pm CrossFit class on Tuesday and Thursday nights!!! Woooohoooo!
We will be offering this class for the month of March and April as a beta test. If attendance supports it then we’ll make TuTh 8pm a permanent part of our class schedule (and possibly add some additional days).

The reason for these added class times are three fold. #1, we’ve had a number of current members request a later class time and we just love you guys! #2, we’ve seen a substantial increase in memberships and this adds another option for members looking for alternative evening class times and #3, we anticipate the spring rush being bigger than ever once the snow finally melts so we’re planning ahead.
If you are an existing member this class will act just like any other CrossFit class towards your membership usage.


STRENGTH: Push Press 5x3rm

3 Thrusters
6 Burpees

3 min Amrap
2 min rest
x 3 sets

Post scores in comments below.

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