Monday 6.9.14

HUGE congratulations to coach Nick who ran 50 miles in the trails at the TARC trail series this weekend!  This is a personal best of 19 miles and the longest endurance race he has done to date (even longer than his Ironman!) Amazing accomplishment and proof that you can enjoy the journey towards your goals and have fun while training!


STRENGTH: Split Jerk (18 min)

WOD: [ DT ]

12 DL
9 Hang Cleans
6 Push Jerks
x5 Rds (12 min cap)

L1: 155/105
L2: 115/75
L3: 95/65

Team Training: Practice HS Holds/Walks Post class


Timed Mile. 

2 min tests: Push Up, Squat, Sit Ups

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