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From USA Weightlifting:

The Greatest Test of Strength and Power on Earth
Olympic-style weightlifting, or officially “Weightlifting??? is the style of weightlifting contested at the Olympic Games. The events of weightlifting, or “lifts???, test virtually all of the muscles in an athlete’s body (including but not limited to, the legs, the back. the shoulders, the arms, the grip and the core) – more muscles than any other single sport. And because the lifts are performed more widely than any other strength and power testing events in the world with standardized rules, with no assistive equipment, the World and Olympic Champions in the sport of Weightlifting have earned the right to the title of the strongest men and women in the world.
The First Event – The Snatch
The first event in Weightlifting competition is called the Snatch. The term comes from the French word “arrache??? and means to seize something suddenly. This lift is done with tremendous power and speed, the bar being lifted from the floor to arms length overhead in one motion, a motion which generally takes less than a second. Amazingly, the heaviest male weightlifters in the world are able to snatch more than 210kg. (nearly 500 lb). It takes a truly strong person to even move 500 lb. from the floor, yet these incredible athletes lift such weights overhead – in a flash! And even men in the lightest bodyweight category, who weigh barely 120 lb. can elevate more than 137kg. (300 lb.)
Not to be outdone by much, women in their heaviest bodyweight category, lift more than 147kg. (more than 325 lb.) in the snatch. And even the lightest women (who weight less than 110 lb.) can snatch more than double their bodyweights (98 kg. – nearly 220lb)!

The Second Event –The Clean and Jerk (C&J)
The Clean and Jerk is the second lift in Weightlifting competition and is the one in which the most weight can be lifted. In this event, the barbell is lifted overhead in two continuous motions – the clean, which brings the bar to the shoulders, and the jerk, in which the athlete raises the bar overhead.
Here too, the weights handled by the world’s best lifters are incredible, with the heaviest male weightlifters in the world able to C&J more than 260 kg.(nearly 600 lb), and even men in the lightest bodyweight category approaching 400 lb. in this lift! Similarly, the women in their heaviest bodyweight category C&J more than 400 lb., and even the lightest women are approaching nearly 300 lb.

Strength: N/A
1RM Snatch
1RM Clean & Jerk
Buy-Out: 2K Row for time
Competitor’s Notes: N/A
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