Monday 9.26.11

What a weekend! Many thanks to all our EXP members, friends and family who came out to support us and cheer us on throughout the weekend. We could not have done it without your support and belief. Next, a special thank you to Stacey S., Gail M., Lindsey W. and Tiffany who gave up their weekend to come down and volunteer for the event, without them and the rest of the volunteers there would not have been a Garage Games weekend. And finally (before I collapse on the couch) A HUGE congratulations to all our EXP athletes and coaches who gave their all at this weekend’s Garage Games event. You are all such amazing athletes and should be proud for all you accomplished this weekend.
Dilsia K.
Joanne S.
Kathy H.
Steph M.
Angela P.
Lauren C. (L1)
Erica G.
Lisa L.
Heather A.
Ashleigh G.
Joey G.
Mike F.
Mason W.
Nate E.
Leo P.
Geno G.

Here's a pic of L1 after the final WOD with 2011 CrossFit Games World Champions Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Fronning.


EXP Strength:
EXP Workout:
WOD: “Thunder”
600m Run
60 Air Squats
60 Ab Mat Push-ups
60 Ab Mat Sit-ups
60 Double Unders
400m Run
40 Air Squats
40 Ab Mat Push-ups
40 Ab Mat Sit-ups
40 Double Unders
200m Run
20 Air Squats
20 Ab Mat Push-ups
20 Ab Mat Sit-ups
20 Double Unders
30 min CAP
Comp Team:
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