Nick’s Coaching Corner – 12.23.10

Kipping vs. Strict Pull Up?

Stacey rockin some Butterfly pull-ups!

Hello all,
For anyone who was here Tuesday, we did STRICT pull ups for the first time in a long time, and the question was asked “why do we do KIPPING pull-ups?”.
There are many reasons for it:
More full body. Your body is stronger as a whole (kipping) then the sum of its parts Strict).
– More funtional movement. You tell me if you were climbing over a fence when a dog/ attacker is chasing you, would you “strict” pull up or kipping pull up to get out of harms way?
Maintain a higher intensity in a workout. Being able to maintain higher intensity during a workout, your heart rate maintains a higher percentage of your maximal heat rate, increasing the intensity of your workout. This increase in intensity (could be a whole lecture on intensity) will allow greater physiological adaptions (increase in lean mass, better “after-burn” of a workout, higher oxygen uptake). Higher Intensity=Better Fitness.
Generates more power. Anyone in any sport from triathletes to lacrosse players wants more power because it equals a better athlete. By doing work faster (say 20 kipping pull-ups vs. 20 strict pull-ups), you produce more power!
Check out the link below for an example- 
So don’t get too used to the strict pull ups, we love our kipping pull ups for all the reasons above and many more!
Have a healthy holiday,
Coach Nick
Thrusday’s Workout:  12.23.10
Squat Clean
“Any Which Way”
-In any order, complete the following for time:
75 Pull-ups
100 Hang Squat Cleans (75/55)