Nick’s Coaching Corner – Fighting with Flexibility?

Hey guys, a quick one today but filled with great information, check out this link It was created by Kelly Starrett DPT, who is amazing at solving everyday injuries and dealing with mobility issues, with a witty personality and off beat humor in his presentation of the facts. He is blogging once a day with a 5-10 minute video on how to solve every injury and imbalance you could think of. Whatever your issue is (tight calves, injured hip, hurt shoulder), scroll through his videos and find a title that hits home. Take the 5-10 minutes to search his blogs, and start following him daily for great advice on how to become more flexible and stay injury free!

Make sure to post your thoughts on his website below!
See you even more flexible next week,
Coach Nick

Thursday 12.16.10

Squat Clean
“Roving Bear” w/ a barbell
5 Rounds of:
4 Lunges (95/65/45)
7 squat cleans
4 Lunges
7 Front Squats
4 Lunges
7 Push Press
4 Lunges
7 Push Jerks