Nick’s Coaching Corner – Milestones

Hey There FitCampers!
I cant help but piggy-back off of Patrick’s post yesterday, it is too close to the new year to not talk about fitness goals and keep evaluating them throughout this week.
Here is a great chart to look at (and check off) with where you are in your fitness now, and where you want to be within a year. Print it out, look through and check to see where you are with every aspect of fitness (some you may know off the top of your head, others might pop up in class from time to time). See where you stand now and see where you can take yourself within a year. You have endless potential at the studio, let’s look back at this time next year and become even more amazing athletes.
Milestones & Achievements Chart
One story in particular hits close to home (literally). We all know and love Tiffany. Now think back to if you knew Tiffany a little over a year ago at this time. What was her Fran time? I will give you a hint….over 15 minutes….what is it now….3:21 (with a 6:42 guy Fran, that’s with 95lb thrusters!). Max pull-ups?….under 10 a year ago….now…. 36. She placed 8th at the Beast of the East (an elite competition that tested true fitness).
This all happened in a little over a year. She did all of her training during FitCamp classes, so there was no special treatment on my part. This is to show just what can happen within one short year here at the studio.  Where will you be within a year?
Post a comment on what you want to improve for this coming year, in terms of FitCamp goals……
And by the way, I could not be prouder to say that I am marrying that girl, Tiffany, and can’t wait to see what amazing feats she accomplishes this upcoming year!
Set the bar high for 2011,
Coach Nick

Tiff L-sitting on top of Acadia Mt.

Thursday 12.30.10

1RM Squat Clean
Deadlift (BW/ 75%BW)
Lateral Burpee (over bar)