Amanda Nisula

CrossFit Coach

I am following some amazing footsteps. My mom was a fitness instructor when I was growing up. She would bring me to the gym with her and I would watch the women and men strive to be their best selves daily. It inspired me, even at the age of 5. I would join my mom’s classes to the point where I think I could have taught for her.
Growing up I have always been into fitness. I was a competitive cheerleader, played basketball, softball and field hockey. I also learned at a young age that movement was the best gift we could give to our bodies!
I went to Salem State University for Athletic Training and really found my love for nutrition and exercise. I learned how important the proper nutrition was to be able to perform and feel our best daily. I knew I loved being around the fitness/ wellness community and was lucky enough to land a job coaching bootcamp and personal training clients in the morning before classes. How cool is that to be able to do what you love and make a little extra cash! We all know what being a broke college student feels like! After graduating from Salem State I decided it was back to school for nursing. I wanted to learn more about the human body and help people recover from illnesses and injuries.
While in nursing school I started competing in fitness competitions. This is where I dove deep into nutrition and how to get my body to peak performance. I learned what macro and micronutrients were and how the timing of certain foods can affect the body differently. I competed in fitness competitions for 5 years. I learned so much and got to meet so many amazing people. During this time I learned the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON… the meaning of living a balanced lifestyle.
Those five years were a health roller coaster, Yo-yo dieting at its finest. My marriage, my relationship with my family and friends were struggling. I sacrificed a lot to stand on that stage in a little bikini and high heels. At that time it was worth it, I had goals that I wanted to achieve. However, those sacrifices lead to losing my menstrual cycle, fertility treatments, and fighting to find the hap-piness and love for my body again. It has taken many years and FOUR babies to fall in love with my body again.
I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t go through that chapter in my life. I am happy that I did because I learned, I grew as a person, I met the most amazing humans that are still in my life today, and those experiences lead me to helping people learn the meaning of living a healthy, happy lifestyle without making extreme sacrifices.

Amanda with her husband Damen and four daughters Cece, Mila, Matti and Mazi