Saturday 3.7.15

Erik Fagnant
B.S in Exercise and Sports Science (Class of 2016)
CrossFit Coach
Coach Erik, or “E??? first found CrossFit back in October 2012, back when he used it to train specifically for Baseball.  Erik had played baseball since he was 5 years old, and grew up to be a high school baseball starting    pitcher and middle infielder. Athletics had always been his desire, as he played basketball, lacrosse, and golf  throughout high school. But when senior year came around, he quickly realized that health and fitness had  become his main priority.
He first realized he wanted to study Exercise and Sports Science when he was introduced to Exercise Physiology  back in his senior year of high school. This turned his gears as he began to wonder how far he could take his  desire for Exercise and performance. After his first CrossFit Opens in 2013, he realized CrossFit was his true passion and that he wanted to become as good as he could be.
“I moved to CrossFit EXP in February of 2014, and quickly realized that this was my true home and where I was happiest. I have become a better coach, athlete, brother, son, friend, and in my own eyes, a better person.???
CrossFit has become an incredibly important aspect of Erik’s life, as he finds a sense of relief in training and moving heavy weight and always finding a way to be better than he was the day before. Some of Erik’s other true passions lie in nutrition, golfing, and surfing, skiing, snowboarding, running obstacle races, and hiking. One thing Erik can truly say for sure is, “As crazy as this may seem for some, CrossFit has brought me closer to my Faith, making me realize that everything I do, including CrossFit, is not only for myself.???
He enjoys seeing other succeed, spending time with his family and his almost 2 year old niece, long walks on the beach, and steak.
“If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life, or, you will never work out a day in your life. Instead, you train.???
Favorite Movement: Hand Stand Push ups, Clean and Jerks and Snatches
Least favorite movement: Wall balls and the devil machine. “the rower???
Favorite workout: “Grace??? and “Diane???
Least favorite workout: “Kelly??? and “Karen??? OR anything that has a rower and wall balls



WOD: [ Keene ]
2 Min Burpee
1 Min Max DU
5 Rounds
2min Rest
1 Min Shuttle Runs
1 Min Bicycles
1 Min Rest
5 Rounds

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