Saturday 6.11.11

"True love". Congratulations Nick & Tiffany Normandin from all of us at CrossFit EXP. We love you both and wish you the very best for a magical day filled with memories that will keep you smiling for a lifetime.

It Shows

Words of love are spoken,
With soft and tender vows,
Flowers swaying gracefully,
Upon the treetop boughs.

The wedding couple whispers,
And then they share a smile,
They kiss each other, then proceed,
To walk back down the aisle.

The love is overflowing,
It’s beautiful to see,
A wedding always truly shows,
How happy two can be.

– a wedding poem by Lucilla Moretti


Front Squat 5 x 5RM

WOD 1: “Fran”
Thruster (95/65lb)
10 min CAP
WOD 2: Partnered Abs
20 Sit-ups
20 Leg throws
3 rounds for time.

EXP Updates:
Nick & Tiffany’s Wedding Day After-Party!
All EXP members and the studio community as a whole are such an important part of Nick and Tiffany’s lives. They have requested that you join us in celebrating their big day this Saturday, June 11th from 5-8pm at 234 Pierce St., Leominster.

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