Saturday 6.13.15

FREE DEADLIFT CLINIC TODAY! 10:30-12:30!  See you there!

Kevin is an International CrossFit coach, who, before starting his world CrossFit tour, worked with Jason Khalipa at NorCal CrossFit. Having spent a lot of time with several elite level CrossFit athletes, including Jason, Neal Maddox and Dan Bailey, studied Strongman with Worlds Strongest Man competitor Derek Poundstone and Powerlifting with Ed Coan (the first man to back squat 1000lbs), Kevin has a wealth of knowledge to share, being able to relate the techniques and dynamics of powerlifting into the CrossFit domain.
The workshop will cover the deadlift. The deadlift is a movement coming more to the fore in CrossFit, as HQ begin to add more strongman and powerlifting type movements. Increasing maximal strength from the floor also increases the clean and snatch pulls and strengthen the hamstrings, meaning bigger back squats. In spite of its importance, it is a movement a lot of CrossFit athletes struggle with due to quad dominance and using a similar set up to the clean.
Kevin will cover everything from foot positioning to hamstring utilization and the final pull. There will also be a wod containing deadlifts, giving athletes an opportunity to apply the points of performance under the constraints of a time limit.
Kevin funds this worldwide coaching extravaganza is by asking athletes to buy a T-Shirt instead of charging, so bring your cash to support our guest coach!


WOD: [ 9:15 Crew]
Coach Dave Special
Cardio Buy-Out: 30 min- WOD time
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