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Saturday 8.17.13


Saturday 8.17.13

**Muscle-Up Clinic has been moved this week to Saturday 8-9am**

Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30 coach Matt has been presenting his Nutrition Seminars which have been extremely insightful!
The last of the 3 part series is this coming Wednesday night.
The topic this week will be “Eating to Maximize Performance.”
Be sure to check it out!
More information & registration can be found HERE.

Congratulations on everyone’s success through our strict strength volume phase!  It has been an exciting week witnessing lots of PRs!



Strength: None.

Gymnastics/Olympic Lift: None.

WOD: [ Timer ]

In teams of 2 complete the following chipper. You may choose the order of the exercises, once you start a movement you must complete all reps.

100 Push Ups
100 KBS
100 Ab Mat Sit Ups
1000m Row

*Each partner completes 3 Burpees OTMEM*

Buy-Out: Mobility.

Competitor’s Notes: Team Training 10:30am.

Post scores to comment box below.