Special Event: January 9, 2010 Challenge Weigh-ins

Over the past 2 weeks i’ve received lots of e-mails and questions about this year’s 28-day challenge so here is a quick rundown of what you’re in for…
CHALLENGE DETAILS:  The 28-Day Challenge will start on Saturday, January 9th with an official weigh-in between 10am and noon.  All you need to do is arrive at the studio during this time to step on the scale and get a starting weight.  After your weigh-in you will receive an entry sheet with details on downloading the Challenge Support materials from this site.  You will have the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday to get your house free of junk food, food shopping done and prep for a strong start on Monday morning.  During the following 28-days you will follow a very structured and strict nutrition and exercise program to get as healthy, lean and fit as possible.  On Saturday, February 6th from 10-noon you will come back in for a final weigh-in.  Awards will be presented to the person with the highest percentage of weight lost during the 28-day period (using healthy practices only).
COST:  This year’s Challenge is 100% FREE and does not require you to purchase anything other than healthy food and optionally a few supplements and kitchen supplies.  Whether you are a FitCamp member, a past member, friend, family member or just love reading these posts 🙂 you can be a part of this year’s Challenge for FREE.

Danielle - 2009 Women's Challenger

Kim - 2008 Women's Runner-Up

Carlo - 2009 Men's Champion

Jennifer - 2008 Women's Champion