Sunday 10.6.13

“Gym classes may be gone but kids still need to learn how to exercise”. EXP Kids is a great place for your kids to learn the proper form and technique of core CrossFit movements, functional training and more… while at the same time understanding teamwork, camaraderie, building self esteem and self confidence.

Our EXP Kids getting STRONG!

To help spread the fitness bug over the upcoming Holiday season here is a FREE 7-DAY PASS for our EXP Kids program. This pass is eligible for all EXP members, friends, family and anyone who has kids ages 3-5 and 6-13.


Strength: None.
OPEN GYM 9:15-10:15am
Make up a WOD from the week, or come work on a Strength or Skill!
Buy-Out: None.
Team Training: REST DAY!
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