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All of us at EXP from members to coaches are here for one thing… Whether you are just starting to exercise, switching up your routine or striving for excellence in the sport of CrossFit we all have one thing in common, and that is the desire to Become Better.

To be a better Mom, a better Athlete, a better Spouse, a better Boss, a better Student, a better Father or a better Role Model for your Friends and Family.

At EXP we firmly believe that through daily exercise, healthy eating and proper coaching you can not only lose weight, look better and feel your best but you will also become better in ALL areas of your life.

We run a judgement free, no drama, no BS training studio focused on that one goal in mind, to help our members Become Better. To move better, look better, perform better and feel better… regardless of where you are starting from or what your personal goals may be.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to inspire, motivate and coach you to Become Better over the days and weeks ahead.

– Your EXP Coaching Team

IMPORTANT! Please Complete This Form in It’s Entirety to Schedule Your FREE WEEK…

  • Please arrive 10-15min early to your first class to meet with your coach before class starts.
  • Be sure to dress in comfortable workout clothes. (Shorts, tee/tank and sneaks, dress in layers in colder months)
  • Eat a healthy snack 30-60mins before class… (i.e. banana and PNB)
  • Read our Medical/Liability Waiver

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