The Aftermath

To all those who came to the studio on Saturday to make our first ever FitCamp Throwdown such a huge success.  I must say I never imagined the day would go so amazingly well.  From the start of the very first workout the energy was incredible as freinds, family and supporting FitCampers cheered from the sidelines.  As the 4 events unfolded the motivation has never been so high at the studio as each athlete pushed themselves to the brink and beyond.  By the end of the day it was apparent that this day would be a turning point for many in their own ability and self belief as well as a magnificant personal achievement for all those who participated. 
Congratulations to you all and thank you for making this event such an inspiring day for everyone!
In case you missed it, here is a results recap for the day:
Men’s Competitive:
1st – Nick N.
2nd – Jared G.
3rd – Tristan D.
Women’s Competitive:
1st – Tiffany T.
2nd – Erin K.
3rd – Stephanie M.
Recreational Men:
1st – Tony C.
Recreational Women:
1st – Angela L.
Congratulations to all those who athletes who participated in the event.  Gary. O, Chris N., Lisa L., Dee N., Erica G., Stacey S., Ally B., Kathy A., Carol P., Corinne M., Jayne M., Lauren C., Barbara S.
A special thanks to my brother Tim and my nephew Devin who came down to show their support and help out with the cookout.  I hope you enjoyed the experience and gained some of your own inspiration Tim!
Thank you Karen for all your help with solving “math problems” and being their to motivate, cheer and support each and every athlete (also for helping me when my blood sugar was non-existant).  Thank you Karen!
EVENT PICS Stay tuned!  Over the next few days we will be uploading pics and videos from the event onto the website.


Post Throwdown Group pic with Friends & Family