Thursday 10.27.11

If intensity is directly related to results then why don't you see this at your local health club?

From the Members:

“Crossfit EXP was exactly what I needed after years working out at my college’s gym. Lifting free weights and doing a half hour of cardio, I maintained my strength, but continued to gain weight. The crossfit WODs have developed both my strength and cardiovascular fitness. While I was hesitant to workout in the team atmosphere, I found it is exactly the motivation I need. The encouragement of fellow crossfitters makes the chore of exercising enjoyable. With everyone on the team working so hard at improving themselves, it is difficult not to be inspired by the peer pressure (for lack of a better term). Nick and Tiff have been instrumental in my success so far. Whether giving advice on diet, lifting techniques or catching up on life events, their presence motivates me to continue day after day. I’m excited to see what the future “crossfit me??? looks like.”



EXP Skill/Strength:
After a few OHS warm-up sets, complete 3 sets of the following 3 lifts with a goal of increasing weight on each consecutive set. Post weights used for all 9 sets below.
Overhead Squat 1.1.1.
Front Squat 1.1.1.
Back Squat 1.1.1.
EXP Workout:
WOD: “Pink Dragon”
400m Run
20 Pistols
3 rounds
15min CAP
Post scores and comments below.

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